The variety of eateries and bistros that line the Avenue of Fashion is eclectic yet simple. Tempting menus designed to titillate even the most discriminating pallet include everything from spring rolls to deep fried buffalo fish to pizza to bean pies.

There’s a bakery that sells divine all-natural, kosher confections and is just south of a Chinese restaurant that for over 30 years has been specializing in Almond Boneless Chicken, Egg Drop soup and Fortune Cookies with actual fortunes inside—regulars say they’re shockingly accurate too!

At a pizza kitchen on the west side of the strip, chef’s toss dough in the air while seafood is battered and fried to perfection on the northern end of it.

The epicurean highlight of the Avenue of Fashion though, would have to be Baker’s Keyboard Lounge, not only because it’s the oldest jazz club in the world, but also because the food is better than good. The lounge has a long bar with piano keys painted on its top, and dishes of soul food come out (yes, soul food) between and during live sets of scatting vocals, blaring horns and the sound of a mellow stand-up bass.

The Avenue of Fashion is like some perpetual taste-fest that foodies clamber to get to on lunch breaks and after long hours in the office.

Taste the experience today!